Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Triyatno wins second bronze, ace Lisa loses out

Matheos Viktor Messakh, The Jakarta Post, GUANGZHOU, China | Tue, 11/16/2010 9:55 AM

Indonesia received another bronze medal at weightlifting after lifter Triyatno finish third in the men’s 69-kilogram category Monday.

However, ace lifter Lisa Raema Rumbewas’ hopes to shine for Indonesia were thwarted in the women’s 58-kilogram category.

The 2008 Beijing Olympic bronze medalist Triyatno lifted 143 kilograms at snatch and 178 kilograms at clean and jerk to finish third with a total of 321 kilograms at the Dongguan Gymnasium, 67 kilometers south of Guangzhou.

The 23 years old tried 143 kilograms at his first snatch but failed to lift 148 kilograms on his second and third attempt. In clean and jerk, he managed to lift 174 kilograms on his first attempt and 178 on his second but failed to lift 182 on his last attempt.

“I am not satisfied because in 2008 I was doing great lifting at the Olympic Games. In the clean and jerk I expected to lift 182 kilograms,” said Triyatno.

Kim Kum Sok of North Korea grabbed the gold medal with a total lift of 324 kilograms, and although Morteza Rezaeian managed to lift a similar 324 kilograms with Kim Kum-sok, his body weight is 31 grams more than the North Korean.

“It was my strong will that made me improve my performance. After the last World Championships, I was upset about the result. So, I worked much harder,” said Kim Kum-sok.

Kim was also surprised with Triyatno’s performance. “I expected the Indonesian athlete [Triyatno] to be my main rival because my total record was not good enough to win over him during the last world championship,” he said.

Iranian head coach Kourosh Bagheri is optimistic that his lifter can make up for the lost as he is younger than the gold medalist.

“[Rezaeian’s] body weight is a little bit heavier than Kim, althought they lifted the same weight. But he is just 21 years old and it’s his first Asian Games,” said Bagheri. “As his coach I will keep an eye on the 2012 Olympics Games. This time he lost the gold but it’s better than a bronze.”

During the contest, Bagheri spoke to and patted his lifter’s shoulder before lifting. This made some reporters curious. “He is young. As his coach, I always speak to him and make him concentrate during the competition. I patted his shoulder to make him relax and keep clear,” he explained.

In the women’s division, hope was on ace Indonesian lifter Lisa Raema Rumbewas to collect more medals for the women’s 58-kilogram class but she finished eighth in the group A contest, lifting only a total of 205 kilograms.

The 2004 Athens Olympics 58-kilogram category silver medalist was even a stroke behind her countrywoman Okta Dwi Pramita who lifted a total of 206 kilograms.

The 2000 Sydney 48-kilogram category silver medalist managed to lift 94 kilograms at snatch and lifted 111 in her third clean-and-jerk attempt, while Okta Dwi Pramita managed to lift 88 kilograms at snatch but lifted 118 in clean and jerk.

The final result for the women’s 58 kilograms waits upon the result of group B, which will be contested later in the evening, but even then Indonesian lifters miss out on medals as they were not at the top of group A.

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