Monday, November 02, 2009

British band's singer thanks wrong country in Peru


Pity the Peruvian rocker.
For the third time in recent years a visiting foreign pop star has belted out thanks to the wrong country.
In a concert in Peru's capital Tuesday, the lead singer of British band Depeche Mode shouted "Thank you very much, Chile!" to 30,000 screaming fans. Most didn't notice Dave Gahan's slip but a video of the concert was posted on Youtube.
The country choice was particularly rankling since Peru and Chile are historically enemies with a dispute dating to a 1879-84 war between the South American neighbors.
In 2004, Mayte of the Mexican pop band RBD yelled out "Long live Chile!" in a Lima concert. She immediately apologized.
In 2003, Canadian singer Alanis Morissette yelled out "Thank you, Brazil."

OCT 15, 2009

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