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NH Dini sells paintings for health

Sat, 12/20/2008 12:11 PM | People

JAKARTA: Renowned writer N.H. Dini is selling 10 paintings in her collection to cover her medical expenses.

"Ibu (N.H. Dini) said she needed money for her healthcare and she wanted to sell her paintings, so I sent an email to some friends," Ariany Isnamurti, Dini's close friend, said Friday.

Ariany, who works for the H.B. Jassin Literary Documentation center in Jakarta, said she had received a big response and one of the paintings was sold. The paintings are priced between Rp 4 million (US$357) and Rp 10 million.

The 72-year-old writer, who now lives in a nursing home in Ungaran, Central Java, is famous for her novels, including Pada Sebuah Kapal (On a Ship, 1972), La Barka (1975), Namaku Hiroko (My Name is Hiroko, 1977), Orang-orang Tran (People of Tran, 1983), Pertemuan Dua Hati (The Match of Two Hearts, 1986), Hati yang Damai (Peaceful Heart, 1998) and her latest, Argenteuil, Hidup Memisahkan Diri (Argenteuil, Life Separates Itself).

Ariany denied reports that Dini has hepatitis-B. "She needs money to keep her well. She is so disciplined in taking vitamins and all that kind of thing," she said. -- JP/Matheos V.Messakh

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