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Sandow gives the gift of gold to dad

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Matheos Viktor Messakh, The Jakarta Post, Nakhon Ratchasima

Sandow Weldemar Nasution had the best birthday present for father-cum-coach Sori Enda Nasution: a SEA Games gold medal in the men's 77 kilogram division.

Complete with multiple piercing, tattoos and smoking between lifts, Sandow seized the gold after lifting a total 341kg.

He beat his main rival Kraisorn Dadtuyawat of Thailand amid a fanatic home crowd at the College Assembly Hall of Nakhon Ratchasima Vocational College.

"This my birthday present for my father. His birthday was on Dec. 1," said the world No. 16.

The 26-year-old lifted 148kg in the snatch and raised the SEA Games record in the clean and jerk from 190kg to 193kg. The old record was set by Indonesian Erwin Abdullah in the 2001 Games in Malaysia.

Dadtuyawat lifted 330kg -- 143kg in the snatch and 187kg in the clean and jerk -- while Vietnamese Thanh Truc Duong took the bronze by lifting 302 kilograms (132kg in snatch and 170kg in clean and jerk).

"We lifted the same weight of 187kg in the clean and jerk but his body weight is below me so if I didn't lift more I would have lost. We decided to add six more kilograms. I was confident of lifting 193kg because in training I have lifted 202kg," Sandow said after the medal presentation ceremony.

Sandow said he had no doubt of winning the competition as he had bested the Thai athlete in four prior meetings.

Speaking of his relationship with Sori, Sandow said he often argued with his father because Sori pushed him too hard in training.

"I am usually fighting with him, but I have to obey him because he has experience and maybe that's the best for me," said Sandow.

Sori could not feel happier and prouder of his only son.

"I bet all Indonesians in this room are proud of my son and as his father I couldn't be prouder," said the three time SEA Games champion and fourth place finisher in the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California.

Despite the joyful moment, Sandow hinted this Games would be his last, considering his age.

"The next SEA Games will not feature weightlifting and I would have to wait until 2011, when I am already 30 years old. I might not participate anymore," he said.

Laos will host the 2009 Games.

In the women's division, Thailand's Khanittha Petanang won the 69kg event and Vietnam's Thi Thiet Nguyen won the 63kg event.

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